I first hired Junior and his crew in 2015 at the recommendation of a neighbor in Winchester, MA. He cleaned the home we were moving out of and the home we were moving into. I was impressed at the attention to detail. Things were left spotless. Nothing was missed--tops of door moldings were dust free and all stainless steel was sparkling. After moving into our new home we kept GSJ coming bi-weekly for cleanings. I am always impressed at the level of detail and how clean everything is. Over the course of several years there have been only one or two times when something may have been missed--nothing is perfect. But, this team is as close to perfect as I have found for cleaning! I simply send Junior a text and things are always addressed professionally and thoroughly. The cleaning team is always on time and professional. In the four years they have been coming we had to reschedule only one day due to a huge blizzard. I would highly recommend this team.

Angela Lee

Regular Cleaning and Move-in and Move-out cleaning

I found GSJ Cleaners on Angie's List and hired them for a one time cleaning last year (2017) and have been using them ever since. I recommend them highly! Any Bedford, Lexington, Concord area folks looking for house cleaners should give GSJ Cleaners a call.

Dorothy Blakeley

Regular Cleaning

Finally! It has literally taken years, but I have found a wonderful cleaning service! Junior and his GSJ Crew arrived on time, worked straight through, and didn't even stop for a water break. I am so pleased with the job, the house is sparkling, and I am one happy customer who will be getting bi weekly cleaning. Thank you Junior and ladies.

Ellen Leary

Regular Cleaning

GSJ cleans my house every other week. They do an excellent job, often decluttering as well as cleaning. They are always on time and thorough, and the price is very fair. I highly recommend them.

Melissa Shea

Regular Cleaning

I think this one story sums it up:  We have well water, and we have had the water tested over and over because the sinks and toilets got this brown rust-like ring around the water level.  I used CLR, Boraxo, I scrubbed until I cried, and nothing came off. and I was convinced it was something with the water.  Junior's team came in and I think they must be wizards because after they left there was no sign of the staining on any surface in the house.  
The rest of the house was just as meticulously cleaned.  I honestly had planned to just make this a one-off cleaning with the special, but they did such an incredible job that they have converted me, and I'm a regular bi-weekly customer now.  Could not have been any happier with their work and professionalism.  HIGHLY recommended!

Matthew Fuller

Deep Cleaning

GSJ just left my house after cleaning it for the first time but it definitely won't be the last. I called GSJ a couple of days ago requesting a cleaning today - Junior rearranged his schedule to accommodate my last-minute needs, He and the woman who worked with him did a tremendous job cleaning my 150-year-old house that has lot of nooks and crannies collecting dust. The house has never been so clean - it sparkles! They arrived exactly on time even though my house is on a difficult-to-find street. After a walk-through when I pointed out exactly what I wanted done, they immediately and enthusiastically got to work. I especially appreciated their attention to detail (every scratch in the bathtub gone and no sign of those little rings that appear around drains). They found objects behind heavy furniture that must have been there for years! Junior was happy to add any extras I requested and even did so without charging extra. The rate was the most reasonable I've come across and it was a joy to work with these very nice, friendly individuals who were clearly committed to doing an excellent job. I could not recommend them more highly. Believe me, you'll be happy you gave them a call.

Pat Aron

Regular Cleaning


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